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If you’re looking for a broker, either because you are new to trading or because you’re not happy with your existing broker, then I am happy to introduce you to my personal broker Mckeown Marrs Securities Pty Ltd AFSL 287627.

If you are looking for a broker who can;

  • Execute my advisory services and models,
  • Execute global futures trades,
  • Execute global share trades,
  • Execute forex trades and

do it all from a single Universal Account with the added protection of SIPC then I am delighted to offer my subscribers Mckeown Marrs full brokering service.

Important Information
Please be aware Mckeown Marrs brokering is a separate business to my web sites and and their various advisory services and offerings. Also please be aware that I am a Corporate Authorised Representative of Mckeown Marrs, now the fastest growing Australian broker with offices throughout Asia. Being a Corporate Authorised Representative allows me to provide my advisory services under their Australian Financial Service License (AFSL 287627). In addition I am what is referred to as an "introducing broker" for Mckeown Marrs. I'm not a traditional broker who has clients, receives orders, executes orders and reports fills etc back to clients. No. As an "introducing broker" I simply introduce traders to Mckeown Marrs which I'm doing with this page on my web site. And as an "introducing broker" I will receive a financial benefit if I'm successful in "introducing" new clients to them, which I am happy to do as they are my personal broker and I'm happy with their service. Please refer to my Financial Services Guide - FSG.

Full Brokering Service

Trading Systems Desk
Mckeown Marrs through their Trading Systems Desk can execute newsletters and models. As they execute my trades (since I trade everything on my web site) they are naturally familiar with my types of orders, ensuring your orders are executed correctly. They can receive orders via email, sms or phone at which point they will monitor and execute the trades according to the orders trade plan.

Interactive Brokers (IB) and SIPC Protection
Mckeown Marrs partners with Interactive Brokers (IB) to execute trades. Partnering with IB allows Mckeown Marrs to benefit from IB’s global trading network to offer their clients world class execution of futures, international shares and forex. In addition IB’s sophisticated web based reporting system is second to none allowing Mckeown Marrs clients to be fully informed on what is occurring in their account.

Click on the following link to learn more about IB. Interactive Brokers

Segregation of Client Funds
Partnering with IB allows Mckeown Marrs to offer clients actual segregation of client funds. This is because client funds are not held by Mckeown Marrs but by IB. Consequently if failure or fraud was to occur at Mckeown Marrs clients can be assured their funds are safe with IB and not with Mckeown Marrs. In addition they will know their funds sitting with IB are protected by SIPC.

Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
Partnering with IB allows Mckeown Marrs to offer clients SIPC protection. Protection Australian brokers cannot offer their futures clients. SIPC protection is only available to clients of US brokers and offers protection of up to $500,000 per client in case of failure or fraud occurring at a US broker (with a maximum protection of $250,000 for cash only claims).

Click on the following link to learn more about why Australian futures traders are little better then unsecured creditors and what Australian futures traders can do about it. Why Australian Futures Clients Are Unsecured Creditors

Click on the following link to learn more about the SIPC. SIPC Information Brochure

Flexibility and Portability
Partnering with IB allows Mckeown Marrs to offer clients total flexibility and portability. You see if for whatever reason you are not happy with Mckeown Marr’s service you can simply access your IB account and remove Mckeown Marr’s authority to execute trades on your account. It gives you complete flexibility on whether or not you wish to use Mckeown Marrs. And this flexibility provides portability as you can easily appoint another broker to execute your trades. That is take your account to another executing broker. It makes for total portability.

International Traders
Another benefit of Mckeown Marrs partnering with IB is that it makes it easier for my international students and subscribers to trade my services. Whether my students or subscribers are in Asia, Europe, North America or on the sub-continent, it is now very easy to trade my services.

All traders, whether they’re based in Australia or internationally, who wish to utilize my services only need to follow a couple of steps;

1. Open an IB account,
2. Log into their IB “Account Management” and appoint Mckeown Marrs as their executing broker, and
3. Contact Mckeown Marrs and agree upon how they’d like Mckeown Marrs to execute my services.

UniCycle – An Exclusive Service to Brent’s Inner Circle
By appointing Mckeown Marrs to be the executing broker on your IB account you will become part of my “Inner Circle”. As an incentive for my students and subscribers to join my “Inner Circle” at Mckeown Marrs I offer an exclusive daily timing service called CyclePoint. This service is totally free to members of my “Inner Circle” if they currently subscribe to one of my services. It is being made exclusively available through Mckeown Marrs as a complimentary reward service for paid subscribers of mine who decide to use Mckeown Marrs and join my “Inner Circle”. For members who don’t subscribe to an existing service CyclePoint can be subscribed to on either a monthly or annual basis.

Click on the following link to learn more about CyclePoint. CyclePoint

Click on the following link to learn more about my “Inner Circle”. Brent's Inner Circle

Not a Discount Broker
Mckeown Marrs is not a discount broker, but a full service one. So please don’t consider using Mckeown Marrs if you are pursing cheap brokerage. I believe the brokerage rates Simon Mckeown has established for my “Inner Circle” are fair and reasonable as I bench marked them against an average of multiple client brokerage rates offered by multiple brokers.

And although it may be a cliché there is truth in the old saying that … you get what you pay for … and certainly if you were able to get cheap discount brokerage elsewhere then please also acknowledge the fact that you would be doing so without the benefit of receiving a free subscription to CyclePoint.

How to Get Start
If you would like Mckeown Marrs to become your broker and receive a free complimentary copy of CyclePoint's daily newsletter then all you will need to do is the following;

1. Open an IB account,
2. Log into their IB “Account Management” and appoint Mckeown Marrs as their executing broker, and
3. Contact Mckeown Marrs and agree upon how they’d like Mckeown Marrs to execute my services.


If you wish to learn more about Mckeown Marrs and my “Inner Circle” then please feel free to contact Simon Mckeown personally on;

Alternatively you can click on the following link to learn more about Mckeown Marrs. Mckeown Marrs

Disclaimer: Active trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all people. The high degree of leverage provided by futures can work against you as well as work for you. Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your risk capital and therefore you should not trade money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with active trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. Past performance is no assurance of future performance.

Under Chapters 6D and 7 of Australia’s Corporations Act 2001 I am authorised to carry on a financial services business to provide general advice on futures to Australian wholesale clients. Accordingly any opinions, conclusions and or other information expressed by myself do not contain personal advice. Visitors will need to with, or without the assistant of a person licensed to give personal advice, to determine whether any general advice expressed by myself is appropriate for them given their particular needs, financial situation and investment objectives.